SUNCOM Co,. Ltd was established for shipbuilding and maritime IT business and lacated in BUSAN, the maritime capital city, based on core competence technologies such as Vessel Tracking using Satellite and Maritime Distress Monitoring , Marine Electronic Device Developing, M2M IOT and etc. with 99% of profit from business related shipbuilding, maritime IT including Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.
It is small but powerful and specialized maritime IT company.

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Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries Korean Model E-Navigation Agency/ IMO Next generation Maritime Safety Total Management System Technology Development Agency KR korean register
A3 Sea Area:LES - 위성 - 배 / A2 Sea Area:VDE/MF/HF - 배 / A1 Sea Area:LTE - M, wifi - 배

Global Standard Leading Technology development -
Was Selected for Marine Cloud and Marine Radio communication Project Section

March, 2016, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries has announced result of Agency and project manager to carry out Korean Model Navigation Project and Launched latest ICT based marine navigation development project.


SUNCOM was established in Busan, the maritime capital of Korea, for shipbuilding & maritime IT business, and now owns a lot of source technologies and related patents such as vessel monitoring using satellite communication and 4S communication data processing technology. With such technologies, SUNCOM is small but powerful shipbuilding & maritime IT Venture Company which continuously tries to establish maritime safety and provement of crew IT welfare with young and challenging sprits.